Volume 55, Number 02, 2019


Focus on Text

Welcome to the Text edition of Idiom (Vol 55, No 2). In this issue, we explore a variety of texts in our English classrooms, hearing from a range of classroom teachers, authors, librarians, academics and other educators who all hold the teaching of text close to their hearts. VATE asked its members to share their insights about what ‘text’ means for each of us as teachers, and what ‘text’ means to our students. Some responses will resonate with you. Some will challenge your thinking. Others will inspire you to consider change in either your text choices or ways of presenting texts to students. You will read ideas about the classics, diverse texts, comparative texts, poetry texts, film texts and much more in this bumper edition. Included in this edition of Idiom are the results of VATE’s recent Member Text Survey – suggested texts for Years 7-11 English and Literature, and ideas from teachers about their text selection process. We hope you find some new ideas to bring to your text selection meetings and to your own teaching of text.

Contributing editor: Jan May
Managing editor: Josephine Smith

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Volume 55, number 02, 2019

Focus on Text

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Idiom is the journal of the Victorian Association for the Teaching of English and is published online three times a year. Each year VATE calls for member submissions relating to a range of issues pertinent to English educators. The contributions help to foster professional dialogue, renewal and growth. Contributions and editorial correspondence should be sent to the Managing Editor, Josephine Smith at

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Read the latest book reviews prepared by VATE members – download here. A selection of these are also available in the latest edition of Idiom, Vol 55 No 2, Focus on Text.

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