IDIOM volume 52 number 1


In this first edition of Idiom for 2016, we look back to the 2015 State Conference and highlight some of the rich and diverse presentations, workshops and conversations which were on offer to all those who gathered at Deakin University, Burwood, at the start of December last year. The theme of the 2015 State Conference was '(dis)locating English: Inhabiting Multiple Worlds' - click here to read the Conference theme in full. The Conference program challenged and provided opportunities for delegates to discuss and reflect on 'this emerging wonderland, where the old certainties are (dis)located, and where we have no choice but to confront a whole range of challenging questions'.

This edition of Idiom begins with a moving tribute to Jennifer Haynes by Terry Hayes, VATE Life member and Council member, who acknowledges and celebrates Jennifer's significant contribution to VATE, AATE, and to English education over many years. Included in this Idiom are some students' voices - we hope you enjoy reading the essays submitted by the winner and runner-up in the 2015 VATE Michael Clyne VCE English Language essay competition where students were invited to respond to this topic: ‘While we value our freedom of expression, we must set some limits and have some standards in the way we communicate with each other.’ Do you agree?'.

There are also a number of book reviews on a wide range of books. These are reviewed by VATE members and offer some considered and useful insights into texts which could be worthy of inclusion in your school's wide reading program, classroom teaching, and for your own personal enjoyment.

Josephine Smith, Managing Editor Idiom
VATE Publications and Communications Officer