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Who we are and what we do

In July 1959 an experimental initiative marked the formation of the Victorian Association for the Teaching of English. The purpose of the Association was to 'stimulate interest in the teaching of English and background studies' and three meetings were planned. By October 1960 the Association had become established enough to hold its first AGM and it had 160 members.

Since 1960 VATE has gone on to support its members as they have coped with the various changes to the teaching and learning of English over the last sixty years. 

VATE is an independent, not for profit organisation that aims to foster the highest quality teaching of English throughout Victoria.

Through professional networks, involving the sharing of narratives and learning about English teaching, as well as research, journals, professional learning, and other resources, VATE strives to nurture a community of teachers of English and teacher educators committed to the advancement of the profession. VATE exists to support its members in the continual process of renewal necessary to engage with the dynamic nature of both the profession and the subject English.

Our purpose

  • Developing and providing strong advocacy for VATE policy in a range of forums

  • Providing effective professional learning for teachers to ensure continued development and implementation of exemplary practice in the learning and teaching of English at state and national levels

  • Promoting opportunities through networks to foster critical, creative and reflective thinking about what we do and know as teachers of English

  • Supporting the practical and theoretical work of teachers of English, recognising and providing support for educators in this dynamic professional landscape

  • Understanding that teaching is an ongoing learning process which builds through reflective practice

  • Initiating research, publishing and disseminating quality publications based on exemplary teaching, learning and research

  • Developing strategic partnerships at state and national levels with other teaching associations, bureaucracies, statutory bodies and organisations

  • Giving practical recognition to the fundamental importance of English in the curriculum

  • Ensuring that VATE remains a viable subject association which is responsibly and efficiently managed for the benefit of the English teaching profession