Middle Ground

The purpose of VATE’s Middle Ground publication is to provide middle years’ teachers (Years 7-10) with access to activities and lesson sequences that can assist with the teaching of English concepts, skills, knowledge, and ideas. Each edition of Middle Ground is mapped to the Victorian and Australian curricula and is supported by extensive support materials including professional reading, media articles, audio visual material, as well as tables, handouts and worksheets. The series title, Middle Ground, is designed to represent a focus on teaching the ideas, skills, concepts, and knowledge of English for fun and in connection with the lives and experiences of middle years students. Inspiration has been taken from the composition of landscape painting. 

How to access the resource

Middle Ground is free for VATE members! Each edition of Middle Ground is available to download here or if you're logged into your VATE account on the website, it can be found in your 'Resources' area - accessible from the top right hand dropdown. 

Upcoming editions

  • Exploring 'survival' using Alone Australia
  • Teaching consent through literature
  • Developing visual literacy and analysis using picture books
  • Using sitcoms in the English classroom

Interstate English teachers

Middle Ground is mapped to the Australian curriculum. If you are an English teacher outside of Victoria who would like to access and use Middle Ground, please email your State Delegate with a request for the file or email AATE for more information.

  • New South Wales (ETANSW): email Imelda Judge
  • ACT (ACTATE): email Prue Gill
  • Queensland (ETAQ): email Anne Wood
  • Northern Territory (ETANT): email Cody Clifford
  • Western Australia (ETAWA): email Claire Burton
  • South Australia (SAETA): email Sarah McDonald
  • Tasmania (TATE): email Daniel Howard

The Middle Ground cover artwork was designed by Jess Locke (@jesslockeart).