Our Journey: Developmental Assessment in the English Classroom

Megan Crilly, Salesian College Sunbury: mcrilly@scr.vic.edu.au
Madeline Zarb, Salesian College Sunbury
Daniel Walsh, Emmanuel College Point Cook: dwalsh@ecmelb.catholic.edu.au       

The case for developmental rubrics

Assessment is arguably a central focus in our classrooms and in our schools. In our rapidly changing classrooms, we must ask ourselves: How do we ensure that the assessment methods we use in our practice have a positive effect on student learning?

We have attempted to shift towards a style of assessment that assists student growth and teacher practice. Developmental, criterion-based rubrics allow the ‘growth and development of the student [to] be monitored through successive levels of increasing competence’ (Griffin 2014, p. 1). This method has many purposes...

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