Preparing for VCE in 2021 - Students

Preparing for VCE in 2021

After the trials and tribulations of 2020, we want to support incoming Year 12 students and help them get a head start on their VCE Unit 3 English studies. Available from mid-November 2020, these pre-recorded online lectures will feature experienced teachers and assessors speaking directly to students about the skills and habits that will help them succeed in the following year. There are two lectures available for each VCE English study.

English | English as an Additional Language | English Language | Literature

Lecture 1: What assessors say

This lecture will introduce the core feedback from past examination reports, distilling the key dos and don’ts in each study. It will provide students with an overview of the characteristics of successful candidates in the course from the perspective of assessors with a wealth of experience.
You can view a preview of these lectures here: English, EAL, English Language, Literature

Lecture 2: Setting up for the year

This lecture will outline the key habits needed to succeed in the study, introducing core skills and strategies for approaching the year. This lecture will give students an understanding of the approach needed to prepare success from the beginning of Unit 3.
You can view a preview for these lectures here: English, EAL, English Language, Literature

You can find further information about these lectures here and download the application form here

You can choose to purchase access to a single lecture package or selected packages of your choice, or the full suite of available online presentations. If your school faces financial barriers that make purchasing this resource for your students difficult, please email Kate Gillespie to discuss options