The kids are all right: Allowing ‘the kids’ to find themselves in diverse texts

Chair: Jan May
Panel members: Louis Hanson and Will Kostakis

This panel asked the question: do the texts students study actually reflect what is happening in their own lives? Whose ‘voices’ dominate in these texts? And what are the implications for text selections that educational bureaucracies such as VCAA and teachers make?

The panel explored the need for students to read about characters who mirror themselves—characters who suffer from anxiety or depression, characters who are struggling with their sexual identities and characters who are from non-majority ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds

Seeing yourself: How the English texts we choose can change lives

Will Kostakis

After dabbling in celebrity journalism and reality TV, Will Kostakis now writes for young adults, publishing his first novel Loathing Lola when he was nineteen. His other novels are The First Third and The Sidekicks.

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