Ian Maxwell Keynote Address - Holly Ransom

Small Holly Ransom Headshot 1Holly Ransom is the CEO of Emergent, a company specializing in the development of high performing intergenerational workforces, leadership and public policy outcomes. She is currently Co-chair of the UN’s Global Coalition of Young Women Entrepreneurs.

In her address, Holly examined the social and economic landscapes facing young Australians and what this means for the role, function and responsibilities of our education system.

Conference delegates found Holly an entertaining, powerful and provocative speaker, even those who disagreed with her. As one said: ‘She gave us an interesting context to consider even though I personally disagree with the vision of education she promoted, i.e. as a project that is first and foremost directed towards employment and the work force.’ Another commented: ‘A terrific presenter, I just don’t agree with her sentiments about hitching education to the business wagon. It’s putting the cart before the horse.’

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