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Teaching Language in Context

Small Teaching Language in ContextAuthors: Beverley Derewianka and Pauline Jones
Publisher: Oxford University Press (2016 - first published 2013), 346 pages
RRP: $67.95

Many English teachers, at both primary and secondary level, would be familiar with the work of Beverley Derewianka – perhaps you’ve heard her speak at a conference, or used one of her textbooks when trying to define a language feature or work out how to explain a particularly challenging point of grammar! For this reason, this book caught my attention when I noticed it on the Oxford website. The title of the Preface is ‘A language-based view of learning’ and the explanation makes it clear that this book is intended to cross over various curriculum areas. However, it offers an invaluable resource to all English teachers, both primary and secondary, who need to explicitly teach language in the English classroom. This book will have particular benefit for teachers of VCE English Language who will immediately recognise many of the metalanguage terms and language concepts that they are required to teach in the EL course – modality, clauses, nominalisation, coherence, cohesion, to name a few.