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English Language for Senior Students. A Guide to Metalanguage.

ELSS 2016 updatedAuthor: Kirsten Fox with Selina Dennis, Sharyn O’Connell and Rebecca Swain.
Publisher: Insight Publications (2016), 188 pages
RRP: $47.95

Insight’s English Language for Senior Students. A Guide to Metalanguage is a welcome addition to Insight’s range of senior English resources. Written as it is to support the teaching and learning in Units 1-4 of VCE English Language, the text fills a significant gap in available resources for this parrticular VCE study. The text is organised by language subsystems, rather than Areas of Study, thus providing an accessible and easy to navigate reference across the breadth of the VCE English Language course.


Inspired English Books 1 and 2 – Creative writing and critical thinking through art

inspired 2 teacher smallerAuthors: Susie May and Purnima Ruanglertbutr, with consultant Emma Heyde
Publisher: Macmillan Education (2016)
RRP: $21.99 Student Book; $99.99 Teacher Book

Inspired English harnesses the power of art as a prompt to planning, writing and reviewing in English. Each book comprises a series of ‘projects’, using a piece of visual art as the initial stimulus, and incorporating activities that encompass its themes. ‘Projects’ within each volume include analysis of well-recognised pieces like Picasso’s Weeping Woman in the context of war, as well as contemporary Australian art, through discussion of racism in Yhonni Scarce’s Not willing to suffocate. The artistic stimuli throughout the books are varied, and incorporate Australian and international artists – even Andy Warhol has a place here.


Key Skills for Senior English – Area of Study 1

Analysing, creating and comparing texts - Student workbook

keyskills 1 smallerAuthors
: Robert Beardwood, Melanie Napthine and Claire Warr
Publisher: Insight Publications (2016), 139 pages
RRP: $47.95

This book, although set out as a glossy textbook, is part textbook, part workbook, as several of the activities are set out as ones to be ‘written into’ the book. This then allows its possible use as a workbook for all students that they purchase through their booklist, or for use as a teacher resource text with teachers printing out relevant pages for their classes. I can see value in this text as a homework book that students use regularly to reinforce and extend their in-class learning or for use in a theory class to support the teacher-led and student-driven text related material.