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Practise and Achieve Student/Teacher Books

PAchieveStdBk1Authors: Louise Moore, Maddy Barnes
Publisher: Insight, 2016
RRP: $24.95

Reproduction and communication for educational purposes: The Australian Copyright Act 1968 [the Act] allows a maximum of one chapter or 10% of the pages of this work, whichever is the greater, to be reproduced and/or communicated by any educational institution for its educational purposes provided that the education institution [or the body that administers it] has given a remuneration notice to Copyright Agency Limited [CAL] under the Act. Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

OK! Good to know, and something many teachers would ignore and/or forget to do. Where do you stand on the issue of copyright and piracy?

This series of interactive, classroom friendly, easy-to-follow, easy-to-use, readable, well presented, rich and useful workbooks comes from Insight – a publisher that I find is consistently the leader of the pack at producing quality school-based materials and textbooks.

I was interested to note that these series of tests and worksheets were first published (and produced I imagine) in London in 2013. The activities and the way they are presented have a decidedly British flavor. Of course, English as a written language is far less fluid and dynamic that English as a spoken language. The rules and protocols and social expectation of the English standard language remain quite constant and fairly fixed. Australia pretty well still defers to England as the default position, so this makes this series of texts stable and trustworthy in content and intent. It also explains why Insight decided to choose this series for an Australian context.

These workbooks will be most suitable for constant use in junior English classes and will also help as a go-to source for all other year levels; to check those idiosyncrasies of the English Language that you need to check up on and make sure that you are presenting the ‘right’ interpretation to the students you teach. The format is dense but easy to follow and answers are provided. Will also come in handy when you need to leave work for a replacement teacher. Highly recommended.

Reviewed by Jon Williams, Princes Hill Secondary College